Marquee Hire:

Should you consider security when hiring a marquee?

August 25, 2017

Selecting and hiring a marquee for an event, wedding or family function can be a challenge. There are many things to consider beyond the hiring of the marquee itself, these include seating, toilets, catering, heating etc. But should security be included or even considered as part of your pre-marquee hire checklist?

Some people have a pre conceived view of security as the person who mainly provides access control into events, pubs and clubs. This idea is far from the truth. Professional and experienced security guards can be utilized in many different ways, including as part of marquee hire. We look at 4 different reason why you should consider hiring a security guard for your next marquee event.

Protect Guests

Guest numbers will determine the size of the marquee you will need. The more guests you have the greater the risks are for their safety and security. Hiring a professional security guard is effective way of visibly communicate to your guests that you value and care for their safety whilst they enjoy your event.

Protect Property

While attending your event, would you value the protection of your guest's property? A security guard can be hired to patrol perimeter areas such as a car park where your guest's vehicles may be parked for the evening. Our skilled and experienced guards can be hired to patrol areas outside your property or any area of the event were guest valuables are being kept.

Protect Marquee

Hiring a marquee is not cheap! There are often large refundable deposits required to protect structural damage to the marquee in the event of an incident. Having to worry about the safety and protection of your hired marquee during your event is not ideal. You can hire a security guard with the specific instruction to protect your marquee and to ensure its safety during the event.

Peace of Mind

Marquees are often hired for special occasions where alcohol will be consumed by guests. It is natural that you and your guests will want to relax, enjoy your evening. Hiring a professional and experienced security guard can give you that peace of mind that there is someone on site that can manage any incident that may occur. They can deal with a medical situation and communicate with emergency services if this was needed.

Hiring Security Is Easy With Security Bookers

Our online booking platform allows users to select and hire a professional security guard for a specific period of time, in a defined location and with preferred skills that you may feel are necessary. It really is that simple! So the next time you are considering hiring a marquee, be sure to check out – Protect your guests, property and give yourself some peace of mind.