Is it the right time

to hire a Security Guard?

August 16, 2017

Maybe it's because you manage a commercial building, or operate a retail business. Maybe it's to fill a short-term need when you're holding an event or are engaged in a construction project at a remote site. Ultimately, there are dozens of other reasons you might find yourself thinking about the safety and security of the people and property you're responsible for.

Whatever the trigger, there will usually come a time when an individual who is responsible for the smooth transition and protection of people will think to themselves, “Should I hire professional security”?

As with any business decision, hiring security can be a tough call, especially for those who have never done it before. Security Guard services in Ireland can vary quite a bit, some specialise in specific sectors and others are more general. The difficulty here for you now is to find the best solution which matches your needs.

Below are some recommendations we would suggest you consider before you hire a security guard:

Type of Security Needed

Do you need security for an event, emergency or part time cover? Knowing what sort of cover you need will help you from the outset to select the correct type of Security Company.

Access Your Needs

How many security guards do you actually need? Make sure that you hire enough security guards to keep your staff, guests, property safe and protected.

Access Required Skills

Do you need a guard who can manage access control, crowd control, mobile patrols etc.? Have an idea of what the responsibilities you would expect of the security guard and try match those skills to that of the guard you wish to hire.

Type of Experience Required

Depending on your needs, you may require a security guard who has previous experience in operating in certain environments. For example, if the guard is to secure an event then you will want to hire a guard who has crowd control and access control experience.

So at this point you have identified your needs are ready to consider approaching one of the many security companies that exist.

But you actually don't need to do this, once you know your requirements you can now hire your security guards directly online with

Security Bookers was launched with the aim of improving the traditional approach of hiring a security guard. Security Bookers allows for clients to hire security guards in a more efficient, simple and transparent manner.

Our simple booking system allows clients to select the type of security they need, number of guards, skills and experience required and also what attire they should wear. No need for phone calls, site inspections, sales people etc. It is that simple! We even send you a full guard profile of the guard we have selected to provide you with security.

If you are considering hiring security for your next event or to cover part time or emergency needs then visit Security Bookers today for an online quote. It's Security Made Simple!