5 Key Things to Consider Before You

Book Security For Your Next Party.

July 19, 2017

Organising a party of any size can represent a massive headache for the event planner. The key factors to the success of any party, or event for that matter, is that those in attendance have had an enjoyable time and they felt protected and safe at all times.

Security Bookers have over 40 years' experience in providing professional security cover for all type of events. We asked one of our experts what he believes you should consider before booking security for your next party:

1. Choose An Appropriate Venue

There are occasions when you may decide to host a party in your own home, but on special occasions such as weddings, milestone birthdays etc. you may decide to hire a venue to accommodate a larger crowd. It is important that you select a venue that suits your needs and comfortably accommodates the size of your expected crowd. Important points to note when selecting your venue, from a security perspective, are if there is appropriate insurance cover in place, are security cameras working and are there sufficient emergency exits spaced out evenly.

2. Assess Your Event

Before making a decision on your security needs you need to ask yourself a few questions. Simple things like how many guests you expect, what time will the party go on until, will alcohol be served, is their adequate parking etc. When you have a clear picture of the size and scale of your party then you will be in a much better position to plan your security needs.

3. Identification (ID) Checks

If you plan on serving alcohol at your party then you are liable to make sure that anyone consuming it is of legal age. But it's your party and checking the ID of your guests may not be something you wish to do. This is when you should consider hiring a qualified security guard who can ask for guest ID's, when deemed required, at the entrance to the party.

4. Consider External Security

You need to consider, in addition to protecting guests at your party, if there are things which need protecting outside of your venue. For example, having a security presence outside of the party will act as an extremely effective deterrent to any opportunistic thieves who may try to tamper with or steal vehicles during the event.

5. Get Expert Advice

Above all, you should ask for guidance when unsure of your security needs. Organising security for a party is something you may have never done before, and with Security Bookers it's quick and simple.

Our sales team can be reached on 01 409 5242 and they will be able to advise you on security best practices for your next party or event. Alternatively, if you know your party location, the number of guards you need and the skills you would like them to have, then just go straight to and book them in less than 2 minutes. It's that simple!