The Importance of Hiring an

Experienced and Skilled Security Guard.

July 27, 2017

It is important when booking a security guard that you hire a person who is not only PSA licenced but has the nessceary skills and experience to fulfil the duties of their role. Unfortunately not all security companies are created equal and not all guards are required to meet the same standards.

We do things differently at Security Bookers. We give our customers full control and transparency when making a booking and in particular in selecting who will provide security at your location. Our simple online booking process allows you to select specific skills and experience you believe is needed for the guard to fulfil the role. When the booking process is complete we then provide you with a guard profile which you can review and keep on file.

But why are skills and experience an important factor to consider when hiring a guard?

Damage Limitation

What's important for your business is that the security guard on duty, shows up and eliminates the risk to your staff, customers, goods or property. While showing up and having a PSA licence is a good start, it's not enough just to be there. If the guard doesn't have the necessary skills and experience to deal with unusual or unexpected situations then the problem for your business is likely to worsen or recur.

Understand Protocol

Experienced security guards have the knowledge to properly document and report incidents, allowing you to clearly understand and evaluate any situation that may have arose. A guard who does not follow the correct reporting procedures, in the event of an incident, can cause harm to your business and reputation.

Uphold Professionalism

An experienced and skilled security guard understands the value and importance of professionalism. Security guards can often be the first people your customers or clients interact with, it is important that these initial experiences with your business, brand or event are both positive and professional. It is important that you protect your integrity by only hiring skilled and experienced security guards.

The founders of Security Bookers have over 40 years' experience in manned security, both in Ireland and internationally. Security Bookers vet each and every security guard and we only select the guards, we believe, have the relevant mix of qualifications, skills and experience to best suit our customers.

If you have an upcoming event or function and are considering hiring security cover, then contact our team for assistance on 01 409 5242. We can provide you with professional and experienced guards to suit your exact requirements. Booking is simple, visit and get booking today!