5 Simple Festival

Security Tips.

July 13, 2017

Festival season is well and truly in full flow for 2017. Over the coming weeks Ireland will host the Longitude Festival in Dublin and in September the hugely popular Electric Picnic in Laois.

Due to various incidents which have occurred at events over the past 12 months, festivals and events in general have become more security focused. You are sure to notice an increase in security presence, baggage check points and additional procedures when attending your next festival. These have been implemented not to affect your festival experience but to protect you whilst at the event.

We asked our professional event security guards to provide us with 5 simple tips which will improve your safety and ensure you have a positive festival experience.

1. Bring The Essentials

Security has become extremely tight around hand bags, back packs and other items being brought into festivals. To save yourself the hassle of having to have prohibited items taken away from you or facing long ques, then just bring the essentials. Also check the festivals website before attending, they will list all items that are allowed into the festival and which items are prohibited. Leave the kitchen sink at home.

2. Know Your Surroundings

Most festivals are extremely well laid out and provide a PDF map on their website to outline the main stages, meeting points, entrances, exits, toilets and emergency services. Take a moment before going to the event to get your bearings. Take a quick snap of the festival map on your phone also, just in case there is not many visible maps on site.

3. Buddy System

If you are lucky enough to attend a festival in a group then we advise that you suggest a buddy system. It is a simple process, you team up with just one person within your group and you both agree a place to meet in the event of your buddy going missing. This system helps to keep people aware and observant in respect to someone going missing from their group. The last thing security need is to be sending out a search party for one person in your group who has gone astray.

4. Protect Your Phone

Smartphones are one of the most lost/stolen possessions reported at festivals. Our security professionals recommend you take a note of the IMEI number on your handset prior to going to the festival. This number is the unique identifier for your smartphone and allows for security to easily identify your phone in the event it is handed in to them.

5. Alcohol Consumption

The majority of common security issues and incidents which occur at festivals are due to attendees having consumed too much alcohol. We understand that you are there to enjoy yourself but if possible be mindful of the level of alcohol being consumed. Some food and water during the day can help you prolong your positive experience, ensure you remain safe and enjoy the whole festival.

If you are an event organiser and believe that you need additional professional security cover then you can simply make a booking through our website Alternatively, you can contact our booking team on 01-4095242 for advice and assistance.