5 Great Reasons to

Book Security Online.

July 06, 2017

Security Bookers is a new and innovative way for people to hire event, part time or emergency security cover. Booking security online in a simple and seamless way is something you may not have experienced before. But there is nothing to fear. In fact, we believe that booking security guards online through Security Bookers holds many advantages over old traditional booking methods:

1. Speed and Efficiency

Booking security no longer has to be a daunting or drawn out process. With Security Bookers you won't need to schedule a call with a sales person, be upsold additional services you don't need, tied into long term contracts and have to wait for or negotiate on quotes. Our booking platform allows you to hire a professional, experienced and qualified security guard in just 5 simple steps. The booking process takes no longer than 2 minutes to complete and there is no time wasted on negotiating quotes.

2. You're In Control

During the booking process you have various options which allow you pick the specific security guard that best fits your needs. You can select from various skills, previous experience and can even select the type of uniform you wish the guard to work in.

3. Transparency

You will receive a full guard profile, including their image, prior the guard(s) arriving at your selected location. Our guard profiles act like a mini CV for you to review and make sure you are satisfied that our guard meets the needs you outlined during the booking process. If you are not happy with the guard we have selected then you simply contact us and we will happily send you another guard profile to consider.

4. No Contracts or Agreements

Security Bookers is designed to meet the needs of any person needing short, medium to long term security. Our aim is to match your security needs and not to tie you up in contracts or agreements. So if you only need to book a guard to help secure guests at a birthday party or need a security guard for 4 weeks to protect your shop over Christmas, then we can easily cater for both scenarios. No contracts needed!

5. Budgeting

Our simple pricing model is extremely transparent. Our guards are charged out to clients on a fixed per hour rate. There are no negotiable quotes to deal with so if you have a fixed budget to work with then you can select the number of hours which best fits your needs. It’s that simple!

The management team behind Security Bookers have over 40 years’ experience in professional security within Ireland and internationally. If you have any short, medium or long term security needs which need addressing then check out and see how booking security has become so simple!