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Book same day, part time or full time professional security guards in an instant.

Booking professional security has never been this simple

With Top Security Limited t/a Security Bookers you can manage and control your security needs without having to commit to long term contracts or agreements.

Here's how it works

Booking security for an event, premises or location can be perceived as a daunting and overwhelming task to undertake. Security Bookers has been designed to allow customers to easily book security for a specified period of time by simply completing 3 simple steps.


Where is the security needed

Let us know the location you would like our guard to secure and the name of the building or event if applicable.


What type of guard is required

If you need us to provide a guard with relevant experience or a specific skill set then just select job skills which best suit your needs from our dropdown options.


How long is security needed

Select the time period for which your location or event needs security.

Why choose us

Quick security, no fuss

Booking security at short notice used to be difficult and time consuming. Our aim at Top Security t/a Security Bookers is to make this process as simple as possible. Just fill in our short form, tell us your security requirements and we will match a security guard(s) to exactly fit your needs. It’s that simple!


Our team of security professionals have over 40 years’ experience in manned guarding and monitoring services. Security Bookers have the experience, knowledge and technology to meet any security requirements you may have.


Our booking process gives you the booker full control over exactly who it will be that will be providing security for your business or property and what skills they may need to fulfil this job. You control everything, from what time they arrive at to when they leave.


Our transparent booking process gives you full peace of mind. You will be notified of who exactly will be providing your security in advance of them arriving at your chosen location. We provide you with all of the guard’s details, including a photo prior to the commencement of the booking.

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